Monday, February 1, 2010

February Print of the Month

This is the piece I chose to feature for my February Print of the Month. I am enjoying collecting these cards each month with prints of my art work. An now it's February already. That much closer to spring!

I had to search way back in my studio blog to find where I had posted about this piece. It is titled Avon Boat and the original is 6 x 12 inches with Neocolor II and colored pencil on pastel board. It was exhibited in 2008 in the Associated Artists of Southport July National Exhibition and sold while in that exhibit. The scene that inspired this piece is from a little place on Hatteras Island. The tranquility of this little boat floating next to the dock seemed a pleasant image to carry in my mind this month of February. Note cards and fine art prints of this piece are available through Imagekind.

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